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The efficient market hypothesis suggests that it is impossible to beat the market because existing share prices incorporate and reflect all relevant information; however, having the same information does not mean everyone can use it with equal efficiency. Individual investors holding “small” portfolios are more flexible in their investment decisions than investment funds. takes advantage of these factors to earn an investment return greater than that of the S&P 500.
Our investment strategy is based on StockFollowing®—a proprietary approach to active investing developed by a Columbia University financial economics student in 2010–2016. StockFollowing® involves combining both fundamental and technical analysis for picking stocks and ETFs with StockFollowing® Outlook—a proprietary market timing system for identifying short- and medium-term trends that helps us apply active investing techniques to maximize profits in uptrends and to protect capital during market corrections.
Market timing is key to successful investing; however, it is no secret that most (if not all) market timing systems fail in the long run because the stock market cannot be accurately predicted. This is how StockFollowing® Outlook fundamentally differs from traditional market timing systems where investment decisions are made based on the outlook of market or economic conditions. Rather than predicting price movements to form StockFollowing® Outlook, we closely follow the U.S. stock market, which entails rigorous, ongoing investment research. This allows us to invest in every major stock market trend—no matter how unlikely this may seem for Wall Street professionals.
As with any active investing, StockFollowing® requires investor discipline. In active markets this can by challenging. To simplify the task, we’ve devised a system in which investing comes down to executing easy-to-understand StockFollowing® “Buy,” “Sell,” and “Cash” signals that we send our subscribers by email and (optionally) by text message in real time. StockFollowing® Signals is a powerful tool that not only helps subscribers follow the strategy but also keeps them informed about any account updates including changes in StockFollowing® Outlook, the list of recommended ETFs, and other relevant information.
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    May 21, 2018
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    January 2, 2017

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    Momentum Stocks, 2017

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