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Hedge fund startup is open for accredited U.S. investors.

Stock Following® Fund

Stock Following® Fund

Coming In 2021


Stock Following® is a 10-year hedge fund created by a Columbia University graduate for active investing in the U.S. stock market and contemporary American art. The fund relies on Rule 506(c) exemption and, as such, is open for accredited investors only.

For a limited time, in addition to investing, the fund offers a long-term partnership.

Long-Term Partnership
ObjectsU.S. stock marketU.S. stock market, contemporary american art
Minimum investment$250,000$1 million
Investment period1 year – 10 years10 years
Lock up period6 months10 years
Fee structure1/350/50
Hurdle rate3%0%
High watermarkYesYes
Closing to new investors at$25 million$3 million
JurisdictionDelaware (U.S.)Delaware (U.S.)


The fund's strategy consists of active investing in well-defined trends of the U.S. stock market indices and fast-growing companies with strong fundamentals, and it is designed to profit from both rising and falling prices.

Investment Methodology

The fund operates based on a proprietary investment methodology that enables active investors reasonably expect to get an abnormal rate of return (known as "alpha"). It consists of investment theory, approach to investing, set of techniques, and investment system.

True "Active" Investing

Stock Following® does not refute the traditional methods of technical and fundamental analysis but considers them insufficient to beat the stock market in the long-term. To create alpha, it expands traditional investment strategies by adding a "speculative" level.

Contemporary Art

Per the Stock Following® principles, active investors should lock 10-15% of their paper profits in illiquid assets. Our "partnership" fund is doing that by creating a collection of contemporary art that will be up for sale at the time of the fund closing in 2030.


Stock Following® is managed by a single person responsible for all investment decisions.

Dmitry Khaustovich

Fund Manager
Dmitry Khaustovich
Investor in the U.S. stock market. The author of Stock Following® Investing System. Columbia University graduate, GS’16 (Financial Economics).


The Stock Following® fund is significantly different from most of today's hedge funds. This presentation will explain our long-term goals, investment strategy, and help to make an informed decision.

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