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Stock Following, Inc. offers individualized education programs for retail investors and proprietary traders seeking to implement Stock Following® principles into their investment strategies.

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Retail Investing Program
Prop Trading Program
An introductory course intended for beginners.A medium-level course intended for retail investors.A high-level course intended for proprietary traders.
$995 USD$1,995 USD$4,995 USD
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FREE Subscription
(12 months)
None"Retail Investing" Signals
$599.40 USD
"Prop Trading" Signals
$5,999.40 USD
1 day2 days2 days
Student's workplace
(any U.S. state)
Student's workplace
(any U.S. state)
Student's workplace
(any U.S. state)
Topics Covered
Stock Following® approach
Investment strategy
Stock Following® signals
Risk management
Proprietary techniques
Q&A session
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