Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

Stock Following, Inc. is a New York–based research company company specializing in the development, promotion and advancement of Stock Following® – the first systematic approach to active investing. Our company provides both educational and professional services for investors seeking to implement Stock Following® principles into their investment strategies. This includes the following: consulting, strategy development, and building investing infrastructure (office).

How long have you been in the market?

The company was founded in May 2016 and is the result of research project carried out at Columbia University in New York from September 2010 to May 2016. The results of this research are the Stock Following® methodology; and the ability for alpha returns on you investment.

What is your competitive edge?

Our investment system allows for an abnormal rate of return (alpha) – that is, it can beat the stock market in the long-term, which is considered impossible from the point of view of modern investment theories and models.

What is Stock Following®?

Stock Following® is the first systematic approach to active investing and the foundation for creating active investment strategies.

What is the Stock Following® investing system?

Stock Following® investing system is a system that allows retail and professional investors to earn an abnormal rate of return. In a more general sense, Stock Following® investing system is a set of rules and regulations being created by each active investor based on Stock Following® principles in order to achieve their fund's objectives, and it is a framework within which their investment activities are carried out.

What is the Stock Following® fund?

Stock Following® fund is a hypothetical company having 1) well-defined long-term goals, 2) an individual Stock Following® investing system capable of achieving these goals, and 3) charitable activities. This is NOT a real company. The creation of Stock Following® fund is an abstract task to be solved by investors seeking to implement Stock Following® principles.

How difficult is it to invest with Stock Following®?

Stock Following® is the simplest of all professional active investing systems. At the same time, the system is very powerful and allows for unlimited strategies improvement. However, all one needs to do in order to start – is subscribe to one of the pre-built strategies, select ETFs from the recommended list, and follow the signals.

What strategies are offered by subscription?

Currently, we offer three strategies: FREE Outlook, Long-Term Investing and Swing Trading.

How to build an individual investment strategy?

This can be done in two different ways: 1) within the educational programs, 2) by ordering our professional services. In the first case, we will help to adapt one of the pre-built strategies for solving specific needs. In the second case, we will create a completely new investment strategy that is based on Stock Following® principles.

Do you teach Stock Following® investing?

We offer three educational programs: Introduction to Stock Following®, express-course "Retail Investing" and express-course "Proprietary Trading ". It should be understood, however, that we are teaching not the classical methods of fundamental and technical analysis, but the use of Stock Following® investment approach in specific investment activities.

What are your charitable activities?

We believe in giving back. Among other things, Stock Following, Inc., supports its own program for international students, within which we encourage and help talented people to overcome cultural barriers and to earn their bachelor’s and masters’ degrees in the United States.

Are you interested in business partnership?

Stock Following, Inc., was established for the very specific goal, and we constantly search for possibilities of its realization. We are considering serious proposals, and if they come, we are ready to discuss cooperation. However, before offering partnership, please make sure that you understand our company’s long-term goals.

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