About Company

Stock Following, Inc. is a New York–based research company specializing in the development, promotion and advancement of Stock Following® – the first systematic approach to active investing. Our company provides both educational and professional services for investors seeking to implement Stock Following® principles into their investment strategies.

About Company

Company History

The history of Stock Following, Inc. began in September 2010 when Dmitry Khaustovich, a first-year student at Columbia University in New York, became interested in the possibility of earning an investment return higher than that of the S&P 500, without taking extra risk. To solve the problem, Dmitry initiated his own proprietary research that had shaped both his academic program and further activities. The results of that six-year project was the realization that the solution exists in the field of behavioral economics rather than in financial theories and models. This led to the formulation of a set of principles allowing market participants to beat the stock market in the long term, named Stock Following®.

One of the fundamental ideas of Stock Following® is the impossibility of creating a universal investment strategy, and the need for an ongoing market analysis to “adjust” to its fluctuating state. To this end, after graduation from Columbia in September 2016, Dmitry started Stock Following, Inc. – a company whose task is to finance the continuation of research, and to help realize the Stock Following® project's long-term goals.


Our mission at Stock Following® project is to create a new type of company; a closed ten-year fund that can finance one’s wildest dreams. We believe that in today's rational world many genius ideas do not have a chance to be realized simply because cannot be understood by those who make the decisions in finance. We are confident that providing grants to the projects today that do not have a chance for traditional venture financing, will allow the implementation of many revolutionary ideas and will change this world for the better.

Since the financing of such projects is possible with our own money, we are building an investment system with the vision and technical skill that will allow Stock Following® to surpass the result of George Soros Fund "Quantum."


Dmitry Khaustovich

Dmitry Khaustovich

Stock Following, Inc. Founder & CEO

Investor and believer in the U.S. stock market. The creator of Stock Following® investing system. Columbia University graduate, GS'16 (Financial Economics).

Dmitry is a highly skilled Sr. Project Manager / Business Analyst with 25 years of experience and over a hundred successful projects in Business, Finance, and Information Technology. His strengths include degrees in both Finance and Computer Science, a deep understanding of investment theory and financial markets, excellent knowledge of project management methodologies (RUP, SCRUM, and Agile), ability to solve complex business problems.

Microsoft® Certified Professional since 2003.


Stock Following, Inc. believes in giving back!

We plan to create an entrepreneurial fund that will provide grants to entrepreneurs. Our activities are aligned with providing free services; primarily in the field of business consulting.

Stock Following, Inc. supports its own program for international students, where we encourage and help talented people to overcome their barriers and earn their Bachelor’s and/or Master's’ degrees in the United States.

Since 2010, we are proud to have provided support to over 25 students.

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